Men And Women Adjustable Waist Support Belt Lumbar Back Support Exercise Belts Brace Slimming Belt Waist Trainer

1. Posture Corrector – Back Support
2. Reduce the Waist and Abdomen
3. Easy Graduated Fit – Adjustable Compression
4.Durable and Fashionale Materials
5.Prevents Lower Back Injuries while Lifting
6.Correct posture, keeping your spine aligned and upright at all times.
7.You protect the Lumbar Zone For improper movement.
(1)Corrects posture,
(2)Prevents herniated discs and/or lumbar muscle sprains and lower back pain
(3)Provides preventive and therapeutic support to lower risk of weightlifting-related injuries,
(4)Helps to shape, control and reduce the waist and abdomen.
(5)Suitable for when loads exceed the normal level of training and strength.
Dimensions: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Color: black, yellow, blue, rose red

2 thoughts on “Men And Women Adjustable Waist Support Belt

  1. Ben Ojute says:

    Hello admin. How much is this material going for?

  2. Bivsale says:

    As advertised on the auction page

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