is an online marketplace that makes buying fun and exciting and at the same time help members to save big on their budgets. Almost every member is a winner. However, it is expected that every member understand the system and how it works. There are basic rules guiding bidding, winning, buying and selling on this market place. Please read the following carefully.

How to Register

Click on register, enter your username, email and phone number. Then click submit. Your account will be created instantly and you will receive a message in your email with your web generated password. (Check spam if you can’t find the email on your inbox).

Come back to and log in with your username and password sent to you. Before you click sign in, quickly click on the recaptcha icon to the bottom right of the log in page first then click sign in. Alternatively, after entering your username, click forgot password to change the password received to a personalised password. This will enable you to memorize the password for future login.

Buy Bid Credits

Every buyer needs credit to bid and win on Each bid credit represents your interest to buy the product on sale at the price advertised. To buy bids, go to my account, click buy bid. Select either starters pack (if you are interested in buying only) or select Resellers pack (if you want to buy and resell). Proceed to check out and pay using your debit/ATM card by selecting Ucollect or pay with bank transfer. We offer a minimum of 200 bidding credit for #200.00. Please note that you can use your credit for as long as it last. However, Bivsale Auctioneers will state the maximum number of bids expected on every sale.

Start Bidding

After buying your bid pack, your account will be credited with the number of bids corresponding to your selected package. Then you can bid on any product of choice as far as you place the initial interest bid during Pre-sale advertisement. Note: one bid credit will be deducted from your account whenever you place a bid by clicking on the BID NOW button.

Types of Auction offer four categories of bid; PreBid, LiveBid, PromoBid and BuyNow.

  • PreBid: These are upcoming auctions expected to go to sale at a predetermined date/Time. Every potential buyer is expected to place an interest bid before the auction date. buyers who failed to place an interest bid before the actual auction date/time will have their bids withdrawn. This step is crucial to avoid jumper bids (Joining an ongoing auction when such auction is coming to the end). 
  • LiveBid: These are ongoing auctions with count down timers. Only buyers who has placed a preBid offer are expected to participate at this time.
  • PromoBid: Auctions specifically posted by to promote new products at very low prices. PromoBids are products offered for sale by vendors. Such auction has certain terms and conditions set by the vendor. Hence, it is important to read the auction terms associated with promoBids before placing your bid.
  • BuyNow: This is a great way to buy any product before the live auction ends. For resellers or those who want a product even when they don’t win the bid, Buy Now is a great way to buy at great discounts. As the live auction approaches deadline, the BuyNow offer continues to decline and therefore interested buyers can purchase such products instantly.

Withdraw/ No Bid Auctions

Please note that every auction has reserved prices expected by sellers/vendors. If the reserve price is not met, the seller/vendor has the right to withdrawn the product or item before it makes it to the auctions. When this is the case, will return all bids to the buyers.

Please read Frequetly Asked Questions for more information.