One of the great benefit of buying at is the membership privileges. When you sign up either as a buyer, seller/vendor and purchase your first bidding credits, will automatically register you as a member of You will receive an electronic membership ID card with a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN). Members enjoy the following benefits;

  • Access to Bivfund (Low interest finance)
  • Members who won item but could not afford the final payment can use Bivfinance to buy and resell at
  • Buy products or items they couldn’t win during live auctions at a friendly discount on
  • Local stores delivery/pick-up when they buy online (usually the fastest delivery ever).
  • Access to classified discounts and offers from manufacturers/producers working with
  • Access to community offers and give aways by partners. Such as free/ subsidies transportation tickets, medical check ups in partnership clinics, recharge cards, gift cards and many more.

Types of Membership

Vendors: Include importers, manufacturers, producers and wholesallers who want to introduce new products or sell fast using our auction platform. How to become a vendor.

Sellers: Include registered members with resellers bid credit package. Sellers have access to our BuyNow features that allow them to buy products in ongoing auctions at lower prices. Sellers do not necessarily have to buy with their personal fund. The have access to Bivfund with little or no interest (Terms and Conditions Applies)

Buyer: Include general public with basic bid credit package of #200. Buyers can bid and win on any items provided PreBid auction as been indicated before liv auction. Buyers can pay for items they won using credit cards or Pay on Delivery (POD). Every buyers with minimum of #200 bid-credit will have electronic membership card that can be use to access discounts on our e-commerce website