1. General

You may visit Bivsale.com at any time without registering. When you visit our website, data is saved on our servers, as is the website that you visit us from, the advertising you may have been referred by, the websites that you proceed to from our site, the type of browser you use, and your IP address.

As this is being done, no personal data is directly associated with you. However, we do need some personal information from you if you want to actively participate in Bivsale.com.

Once you have registered with Bivsale.com, you are asked to choose a Bivsale.com user name together with a password, which then allows you to take advantage of all of the Bivsale.com services.

You can revoke your consent any time by closing your account with us.

2. What Data Do We Collect?

“Personal data” is the information that readily identifies you, for example your name, address, e-mail address and mobile phone number or your payment details. When you register, personal data is recorded and processed by Bivsale.com, as well as when you use the service, for example:

“Usage data” is personal data that identify the user, as well as information on the Bivsale.com services the user utilizes, for example your Bivsale.com user name together with the associated password and your IP address when you purchase bids, login to the site or win an auction. It may also include things like the frequency and analysis of your auction participation and auctions you view online but do not participate in.

Bivsale.com also collects information from you when you search, participate in a contest or questionnaire or communicate with our customer support. Bivsale.com also reserves the right to read and store messages passed between buyers and sellers on the Bivsale.com Marketplace.

We collect this data to make it possible for you to use Bivsale.com and to help us personalize and continually improve your Bivsale.com experience. We maintain all data in the US ourselves and with the assistance of service providers.

Bivsale.com is directed toward a general audience over the age of 18 and is specifically not directed toward children under the age of 13. If we learn that we have information about anyone under 13, we will promptly delete it.

3. Use of the Data

Our primary purpose in collecting personal information is to provide you with a safe, smooth, efficient, and customized Bivsale.com experience. You agree that we may use your personal information to:

4. Newsletter

When you register with Bivsale.com, you are added to receive the email newsletter. You may unsubscribe at anytime from the newsletter and other marketing communications by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the newsletter emails.

5. Sharing Personal Data to Third Parties

We will not share your personal information with third parties for that recipient’s own purposes unless you have clearly consented to such sharing. We will share your data with service providers who assist us with the site, marketing and our operations, such as payment processing or post-purchase fulfillment.

Bivsale.com may also share your data for law enforcement purposes, to protect our business from fraud or abuse, or in the event another party purchases our company or assets.

6. Viewing/Changing Personal Data

You can view the information in your Bivsale.com account at any time and update it as necessary using your Bivsale.com user name and your Bivsale.com password.

Your mobile phone number for activating your account can only be changed by contacting our Customer Service.

Once we are informed, we will adjust incorrect data accordingly.

We will notify you upon request at any time as to whether and what personal data in respect to your identity or your pseudonym has been stored.

7. Revoking Consent/Deleting Your Account

You can revoke your consent to our storage and processing of your personal data at any time.

You can delete or deactivate your Bivsale.com account at any time.

If you choose to close your account, all remaining bids will be destroyed.

8. The Use of Cookies on our Website

Bivsale.com uses so-called “cookies”, which are text files that are stored on your computer that we retrieve when you visit the site to assist in customizing your experience with the online service.

The information saved supports the functionality of the site, for example by keeping track of your bids placed, auctions, etc.

It is necessary to accept cookies in order to use our service properly, although you may always adjust the way your browser handles cookies.

We would like to point out that turning off the ability of your browser to accept cookies may result in limited functionality.

Bivsale uses first-party cookies (such as the Google Analytics cookies) and third-party cookies (such as the DoubleClick cookie) together to report how your ad impressions, other uses of ad services, and interactions with these ad impressions and ad services are related to visits to your site. Visitors can opt-out of Google Analytics for Display Advertising and customize Google Display Network ads using the Ads Settings.

9. Security Measures

The information in your Bivsale.com account and in your Bivsale.com profile is password protected.

Please do not provide your log in credentials to anyone else, as you will be liable for the activity in your account.

Bivsale.com will never ask for your password in e-mails that you receive unexpectedly or that you did not request.

Please remember to log out of your account and to close your Internet browser window when you leave the Bivsale.com site; this is especially important if you use the site through a public or shared device.

You are responsible for protecting the secrecy of your log in details, and we assume no liability for the abuse of login data and passwords used. Let us know immediately if the secrecy of your log in credentials has been compromised. While we take reasonable steps to protect your personal data in our control, no system is foolproof.

10. Privacy Policy Changes

We reserve the right to change this policy at any time, without prior notification. If we make a material change to this policy, we will highlight this to you.

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